The best way to get family and friends together is virtually.
    Give all your guests one of the most innovative and unique experiences they’ll never forget!

What’s a Virtual Happy Hour?

During these crazy times while stuck at home and not sure what to do with yourself, break your boredom by letting us help you host your very own Virtual Happy Hour. Invite friends, family, co-workers, all while enjoying drinks, laughs and an amazing virtual performance by magician, mentalist & musician, Nick Ivory!

The best way to get family and friends together is virtually, and with today’s technology, in no other time in history are we able to conveniently connect with our loved one’s, no matter where anybody lives in the world. Give all your guests one of the most innovative and unique experiences they’ll never forget!


Who is this for?

  • For You & Your Family

    This Virtual Happy Hour is a perfect way to get your family and friends together. While we’re all bored at home, why not get everyone to have some virtual fun?

  • For Someone’s Birthday

    Do you have a family or friend with an upcoming birthday? Host a Birthday Virtual Happy Hour for them, with personalized performance by Nick Ivory!

  • For Your Business

    A great way to build company moral is to host your own Business Virtual Happy Hour. Invite your employees, clients and prospects in a custom branded and tailored virtual event!

  • Given as a Gift

    Give this offer of a 1-hour Virtual Happy Hour as a gift for someone you choose. That person can then create their own Virtual Happy Hour for their friends and their family!

What will people experience?

  • Laughter and Memories

    This Virtual Happy Hour is a great way to get family and friends together, or build company moral during these unprecedented times, while sharing stories, fun, laughter, magic, mentalism, music and virtual memories!

  • A State of Astonishment

    Let Nick Ivory bring everyone back to that childlike state of astonishment where we believed anything was possible. His magic, mentalism and music are spectacular and something you’ll never forget!

YES! I want to setup a Virtual Happy Hour!

Use the form below and tell us who you are. Nick Ivory will contact you to setup your very own Virtual Happy Hour!

  • Is there a cost for attending?

    No, your guests pay nothing. The Virtual Happy Hour for your attendees is 100% FREE. Contact us now to receive your exclusive introductory pricing for your Virtual Happy Hour.

  • Can my whole family watch?

    Absolutely! The more that attend, the more that get to experience the amazement of Nick Ivory. His Virtual Show during this Happy Hour is spectacular and something the whole family will never forget!

  • How do we join the Virtual Happy Hour?

    The Virtual Happy Hour is hosted through the ZOOM Video Conferencing Software. All attendees are required to download and install the Zoom application on their computer. There is no charge to download and use this software.