• "The guests LOVED him!"

    “Nick Ivory performed strolling magic at my wedding in March. The guests LOVED him! He blew them away with his magic and his great personality. We received so many compliments on having such a great wedding and we know Nick contributed to this tremendously! If you are thinking of hiring Nick for your event, do not hesitate! He will deliver an amazing magic performance!!!”

    – JANINE R.


For over 30 years, Nick Ivory has dominated the world of magic performing all over the country at high-powered corporate functions, weekly evening shows at local venues, and exclusive private parties. His visionary approach to the art escapes the confines of tradition and has given birth to a new breed of modern mysticism. Nick is a unique force in the world of magic. His unique style of impactful illusion, mind-bending manipulation, and persuasive technique gives his guests an invigorated form of magical entertainment. Nick is no mere trickster. His intense skill, pulsating talent and passionate vision gives his magic a more resonant and profound meaning to all that witness.

Why hire Nick Ivory? Because you want your next event to have the most impactful form of interactive entertainment, magic, which is shared with every single one of your guests; You want to hire Nick because you want your event remembered as an unforgettable experience, that your peers will be talking about long after your event.

Nick is able to bring those desires to reality for all your private and corporate events, captivating your guests with his unique style of entertainment.

Nick performs over 200+ shows a year and is considered the country’s most popular magician for a private event or other corporate functions. From coast-to-coast, when looking for Chicago magicians for parties, Los Angeles magicians for parties or any city in which your event is being held, book Nick Ivory now to make your next event extra special by adding his truly magical touch.

A unique experience for your private event

What kind of Entertainment are you looking for?


For any group size at events where guests mingle and interact; Intimate, interactive, ice-breaking content for any social gathering whether for private or corporate events; Close-up illusions and sleight-of-hand magic happening inches from your face.


For groups of 10 – 100 and best for receptions, dinner parties, corporate breakout sessions or your simple family backyard BBQ; A stand-up magic show incorporates larger routines with full audience participation and performed in front of the entire crowd.


For larger groups of 100+; An energetic, Stage performance blending sophisticated magic, sharp humor and euphoric mentalism into one epic show; Performance can be customized with corporate product messaging and branding for a high-impactful experience.


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    Nick prides himself on his professionalism and his reputation as “San Diego’s Top Magician”. Always arriving extra early to every show, he treats all his guests with the utmost respect (even the skeptics and naysayers), and is always dressed appropriately. Whether he’s entertaining grandma and the kids, or the CEO – Nick is sure to leave that professional touch.


    Let’s be honest, events and parties never go exactly as expected – audiences can be unpredictable too. Quick on his feet and able to think on the fly, Nick insures a relevant, successful and unforgettable performance every time.

  • 100% Clean Content

    Even though his programs are typically geared for adult audiences, everything has to pass the HR test and the grandma test.  Everything in Nick’s acts have been designed to be clean, unless you request otherwise;)


    Anyone can do a trick. Nick can take that trick, and turn it into an unforgettable experience leaving you in awe and bewilderment.  That’s what sets Nick apart.  His performances bring you back to that childlike state, believing once again that everything is possible. That tingle of excitement, and amusement proves for a successful event.