Frequently Asked Questions

We completely understand the realities of planning special events and know that there are many factors that go into hiring just the right entertainer. Thus, we’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions to help give you the information you may need when it comes to making your decision.

  • What is the Art of Mentalism?

    Nick Ivory’s entertainment roots were built upon the art of Magic. Over the past decade, Nick has ventured into the esoteric world of Mentalism; a craft of perceptual manipulation; psychological persuasion; subliminal messaging; neurolinguistic programming; and an understanding of human behavior, to name a few techniques. Unlike Magic, which uses sleight-of-hand and Illusions, Mentalism includes feats of mind-reading, premonitions, hypnosis, telekinetic demonstrations and other mind numbing experiences. At no point in time does Nick claim any paranormal ability. Nick Ivory’s Mentalism is purely psychological in nature.

  • What type of entertainment do you offer?

    Nick Ivory offers several forms of entertainment depending on your exact needs and the layout of your event. For events where guests mingle and interact, Nick’s “Strolling Entertainment” is for any group size at events where guests mingle and interact; Intimate, interactive, ice-breaking content for any social gathering whether for private or corporate events; Close-up illusions and sleight-of-hand magic happening inches from your face, which is perfect for that ice-breaker which works for any social gathering. Nick strolls your event and performs close-up illusions, mentalism and pure sleight-of-hand magic which happens inches from your guests faces.

    Nick’s “Stand-Up Entertainment” is For groups of 10 – 100 and best for receptions, dinner parties, corporate breakout sessions or your simple family backyard BBQ; A stand-up magic show incorporates larger routines with full audience participation and performed in front of the entire crowd. These Stand-Up shows are perfect for receptions, dinner parties, corporate breakout sessions, or simply your family backyard BBQ.

    For larger groups and events that are conducive for a stage environment, Nick Ivory offers an energetic “On-Stage Entertainment” for larger groups of 100+; An energetic, Stage performance blending sophisticated magic, sharp humor and euphoric mentalism into one epic show; Performance can be customized with corporate product messaging and branding for a high-impactful experience, leaving a lasting impression on your customers and employees that they will be talked about long after your event.

    All of these performance types can be booked individually or combined for your event. Additional customization of your corporate product messaging and/or branding can be added to any of these forms of entertainment for a highly-impactful memorable experience.

  • How much do you charge?

    Nick Ivory is in high-demand performing over 200+ shows a year at some of the most exclusive private parties and high-powered corporate functions around the country. Nick’s pricing may seem higher than most entertainers, but his unique skillset and value-of-entertainment is at a different level which far exceeds that of your typical performer. That being said, no event is too-large or too-small. Pricing is quoted on an individual basis and is a custom tailored variable built around many considerations including but not limited to; location and timing; day of the week; peak or non-peak season; number of guests; travel requirements; etc.

  • What are your payment terms?

    After you review your custom proposal, and if everything looks good and you’re ready to book Nick, we’ll send you a digital version of the proposal for your digital signature. Upon signing, this will tentatively reserve your time-slot and date. To fully book and lock in that specific date and time, a 50% deposit is required so that no-one else can book Nick during your specified times. If a deposit is not received after the signing of a quote, you will get a first-right-of-refusal if for instance another inquiry comes in for that same chosen date and time. If at that point a deposit is still not applied, we will have to release the hold and offer that time slot to the new prospect. All legal vernacular will be fully disclosed and displayed on your proposal for your review.

    We accept all forms of payments; PayPal, Check, Venmo, Zelle and ACH (direct bank transfer). Credit Card Transactions using Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are also accepted, however these forms of payments will add a 3% processing fee to the total proposal price.

  • Do you perform for children’s parties?

    Unfortunately, Nick Ivory does not perform for kids parties and is probably not the right entertainer for your child’s event. Nick specializes in performing for corporate functions and adult private parties, and even though Nick’s programs are typically geared for adult audiences, if there are children present at your event, no problem. Everything Nick does passes the HR test and the grandma test as Nick’s acts have been designed to be clean, unless of course you request otherwise;) If you still need to book a children’s performer for your event, let us know and we can recommend some of Nick’s personal and professional colleagues who specialize in this form of entertainment.

  • Are you fully insured?

    Yes. Upon request we can draft a COI (Certificate of Insurance) for your event with the following policy coverages: Commercial General Liability with Additional Insured Endorsement, Waiver of Subrogation, Primary Non-Contributory Endorsement, Legal Liability to Audience Participants, and Medical Payment for Audience Participants. The coverages listed above provide protections against bodily injury to a spectator or property damage to the performing premises. This insurance policy will come with a $2,000,000 coverage.

  • How far do you travel?

    Nick Ivory is based on the West Coast, but Nick’s entertainment brings him all over the country performing over 200+ shows a year, traveling literally on a weekly basis. No event is too-close or too-far, and if you need help with any travel arrangements, we have partnerships with travel agencies that can give you the best rate for these travel expenses. Some of Nick’s clients like to use their own travel agents (whether in-house or personally supplied) to book Nick’s travel, and that is completely acceptable, which even helps bring down the final price quote. Simply let us know during your booking inquiry if you’d like to supply your own travel options or if you’d like us to include some of our options in your custom quote.

  • How far in advance can I book?

    Because Nick Ivory performs over 200+ shows a year, he does book up fairly quickly, especially during peak seasons. It is not unheard of for Nick’s clients to book him 1-2 years in advance to make sure they lock in his talents and secure a particular date so no-one else takes it. It is also not unheard of for Nick to book a show literally the same-day or next-day (all dependent upon availability, of course). We recommend that once you know the date and times of your event, contact us immediately to reserve that date and time. During peak seasons, especially during the Holidays, Nick Ivory performs multiple shows in a single day, so don’t be discouraged if you know he is already performing any given day. Location and timing permitted, we always try to make sure we can book Nick for your event.

  • Can we customize the Entertainment with our own product/messaging?

    Absolutely. Nick has performed thousands of corporate shows and is able to work with you on a custom script, go completely off-script, or can improvise – all the while including your corporate messaging, theme and/or company branding into each of his shows, whether it be on the corporate trade-show floor, or up on stage in front of thousands of your clients and prospects. Every one of Nick’s corporate shows are interactive, energetic, and wildly entertaining. Nick knows how to make your client or guest shine as the star! His world-class entertainment, professionalism and uncanny ability to connect with your colleagues, all while portraying your message, leaves a lasting impression on your customers and employees that will be talked about long after your event.

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